Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Snow

Well, so much for New Year's resolutions.

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am with their resolutions. I guess anytime is a good time to start something new so here I go again.

We hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day and that you were home safe and warm with your sweetie. Valentine's Day brought us the first real snow of this winter and it was a doozy of a storm. November, December and half of January were very warm and pleasant this year. Then the cold hit and it was COLD. With wind chills in the teens, we were hoping for an early spring. The groundhog did not see his shadow so everyone was hopeful until yesterday. The snow started Tuesday night and with the temperature so low it was a fine, powdery snow. Pretty pleasant. Late Valentine's Day morning the freezing rain really began and it rained hard for a while. That's all it takes to turn all the snow to slush. The rain turned back to snow for a couple more hours. Now we are left with a heavy, icy mat. Areas that are plowed have turned to ice. As soon as the slush that was underneath hit the 8 degree temperature it froze. Many of the highways have been shut down since yesterday and people stuck in their cars overnight. The National Guard came this morning to bring food and water to the people stuck on I-78 overnight. We heard they had a good football game going in the middle of the highway. We're thankful that we can walk to work and we were home and warm last night.

Our driveway and parking lot are being "plowed" by a front end loader as I type this but we've canceled tomorrow's Open Weave due to the icy road conditions. We hope that you will join us for the March 23rd Open Weave. Bring your friends and have fun weaving in our classroom! We're happy to help you work on new techniques or get you past the section that has you stumped.

Don't forget the February specials - all Easy Country Basket kits and Wire shapes with Hearts (includes cupid and love bird wires!).

I'll call it a day and save our other news to post in the next couple of days.
Happy Weaving!