Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weaving with Slotted Bases

Happy holidays!
We're almost in the home stretch. Hope everyone has all their gifts woven. I'm working on the last one but also trying to keep up with the Shopper basket sales at Wanamakers General Store.

Tip of the Week -
Here is a tip for working with slotted wooden bases ( ).
Put your base on a Weaving Table ( ) or other revolving (Lazy Susan) board. When you begin weaving you can rotate the Weaving Table instead of rotating the base itself. This will help to keep your spokes from dragging on your worktable and pulling themselves out of position.
You can also use the grids (drawn on the surface of the Weaving Table) to line up and space the spokes.

More next week on keeping the spokes under control while weaving the first several rows on a slotted wooden base!

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