Friday, April 9, 2010

Tip of the Week - Weaving Table

Our weaving table is wonderful for starting spoked bottom and double spoked bottom baskets. The table is 14" square with a 1" square grid marking. The grid also has 1" apart circles for measuring the rows of twining.
The spokes are laid out in a pin wheel fashion and a T-pin is inserted into the center and through the hole in the weaving table to hold them all in place. Then you can begin twining and be sure that all the spokes are spaced evenly. The table is mounted on a ball-bearing base so it spins as you work.
The surface of the table is treated with a waterproof finish.
The weaving table can also be used for laying out square or rectangle bases, no measuring, just use the 1" grid markings.
The table also works great for slotted bases. You can turn the the weaving table, instead of turning the base,while weaving the first couple of rows, without knocking any of the stakes out of the groove.

When working on a spoked bottom basket. If it is hard to get the T-pin through the reed spokes, turn the table over and tap the T-pin through the reed with a small hammer. Once the tip of the T-pin is through the reed, you can place the pin into the center hole of the weaving table. This way you will not put extra holes into the weaving surface.

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