Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amount of Shaker tape yardage needed for seats.

Figuring the approximate amount of Shaker tape yardage needed for seats:

Width x Depth= ? Inches

(Measure at widest points.)

For 5/8" tape: ? Inches ÷ 5.3

For 1" tape: ? Inches ÷ 9
Answer = number of yards needed

(Avg. 15" x 18" seat = 52 yds. of 5/8" or 30 yds. of 1")
Two color seat: Answer ÷ 2 = yardage of each color needed
Remember, this is only an approximating tool. It is best to order more that needed because chairs and dye lots can vary.

Click here to order Shaker tape and a Shaker tape color chart with actual samples of tape.

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