Friday, July 22, 2011

Kitchen Sink Gazpacho

It's time to put those gathering baskets to use and harvest tomatoes. What should you do with all the tomatoes, including those green ones that fall off while harvesting the ripe ones? Try Kitchen Sink Gazpacho.

I've always made Gazpacho from a great recipe in an herb book. The proportions might vary but the ingredients were the same. Last night it was late and we had not planned anything for dinner. With the heat in PA right now no one wants to stand outside and grill or turn on the oven. It's time to check the back of the fridge. Ah, there's the red pepper that I bought almost a month ago and haven't used. It's a little wrinkled but not moldy and smells good.

Out comes the food processor. In goes the red pepper and an onion. Chop well until everything is finely chopped.

I harvested all the tomatoes that were ripe. Right now there are three different shapes ready. I put it that way because I only know what two of the tomatoes are for sure. The plants I have this year came from some saved seeds, some that sprouted on their own and some from a local place that sells fruits, veggies and plants but they're not always labeled. It's a grab bag tomato garden this year and it's fun watching the tomatoes grow and guessing what they might turn out to be. I know that I have Sweet Millions and a yellow midsized tomato (that one is marked but I'll have to crawl under it to see what it is) and I think I have some Romas, Yellow Pear and a beefsteaky looking big red tomato. So I ended up with a handful of cherry tomatoes, a medium size yellow, two large reds and a couple green tomatoes. All the tomatoes went into the processor but only pulsed until mostly chopped.

The herb garden is sparse but growing well so I cut a handful of chives and a couple sprigs of a lemon smelling basil. Not great to eat straight from the garden (I normally eat a leaf or two of basil straight from the plant) but a wonderful addition to dishes. I cut them all up and threw them into the processor. Added some extra virgin olive oil, two heaping tablespoons of vanilla yogurt and squeezed a lime into the mix. I chopped this part of the mixture very fine.

Mix everything together and serve.

Yummy! It was even better cold for lunch today.

Throw in whatever veggies you find in the fridge. I totally forgot I have a zuchini, I should've added that too!


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