Thursday, July 18, 2013

White Oak and Marbled Basketry Classes

2 sets of classes have been posted: .

Come join us in September for classes with Billy Owens teaching white oak basketry using materials he prepares by hand.

Billy Owens - White Oak Basketry - September 5 - 7th, 2013All material used in class is hand split White Oak, from timber which Billy has selected, cut down and prepared by hand.
This is your chance to work with white oak without all the labor of preparing the materials yourself.
Learn the tips and tricks to weaving white oak!

ALL registrations for the Billy Owens White Oak basketry classes MUST be received by August 7th! Since all of the materials are prepared before Billy leaves home, he must have a total student count in advance. Don't wait!

Thursday, September 5th
6 hour class, 10 - 4Large Williamsburg
cost $75.00
10" woven oak herringbone (twill) bottom, approx. 9" deep (excluding Oak handle) and a round top approx. 14" in diameter.
Friday, September 6th
Morning 4 hour class, 9 - 1Small Apple
cost $65.00
12" in diameter and approx. 8 1/2" deep with a woven Oak "working" bottom and a solid Oak handle.
Friday, September 6th
Afternoon 4 hour class, 1:30 - 5:30Grape
cost $65.00
6" wide x 12" long woven oak herringbone bottom, about 7" deep (excluding Oak handle) and rectangle at the top.
Saturday, September 7th
4 - 6 hour class, depending on weaver's speed and skill level, 9 - 1 or 3?Large Shopper
cost $70.00
6" wide x 12" long woven oak herringbone bottom, approx. 9" deep (excluding Oak handle) and has an large Oval opening at the top.

Venie Hinson - Thursday, November 7th, Friday, November 8th & Saturday, November 9th, 2013 - This will be a student choice class. You pick the day/s you would like to come and which basket you want to weave. 
(Pre-registration is required for all classes)

Class days will run from 9-5 each day. If you opt for a basket that is 4 or 6 hours you have the option starting at 9:00 and finishing early or arriving later in the day to start and finishing at 5:00, please let us know at registration.
Please click here for the pdf list of classes being offered.

Already have a kit of Venie's and would like to weave it with her help? Sign up for 4, 6 or 8 hours of tuition and bring your kit.

$40 for 8 hours, $30 for 6 hours and $20 for 4 hours

Two evening options are offered:
Marbling Workshop
- held on Thursday evening from 6-9 pm

Est. time: 2-3 hours
Level: All levels
Cost: $30 including instruction & 3 tulip poplar strips or one silk scarf Brief Description of Workshop: Learn the ancient art of floating paints on the surface of a liquid and transferring them to Tulip Poplar strips (for basketweaving) or a long silk scarf.

Mastering Basket Shaping Lecture
- held on Friday evening from 6-8 pm

Est. time: 2 hours
(This is a lecture with hand-outs & folks can bring their problem baskets)
Level: All levels
Cost: $25 including instruction & bookBrief Description of Lecture: Do you have problems shaping baskets, whether they are straight up, flared, or get smaller? Venie will demonstrate some techniques that can be used to help with these problems, beginning at the base and working up. 53 page book on "Mastering Shaping and other helpful tips" included in class fee. Bring in some of your “problem” baskets for some hands-on help.

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