Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The joy and trials of being Stumpy...

How I spent my Tuesday morning...
Another page in the saga that is Stumpy's life:
Raise your hand if you've ever played Marco Polo with your cat only to finally look up and find him 25 feet or so up a tree with a trunk who's branches don't even start until at least 15 feet off the ground. Was the big, bad cat running scared or was he chasing the new stray that's on the ground laughing behind a bush? Either way his hips aren't the best and he's stuck in a V of branches (a V on it's side and he's sitting facing into the V, not sure how to get around safely) and probably has been there most of the night. So you call your brother for backup and get the ladder. You keep talking to him to stay put, you're on the way, climb the ladder to the first set of branches and climb the tree from there, coax him onto your arm so you can swing him down onto your chest. Now what? Zip him into your coat (he must be grateful because he'd never put up with that in normal circumstances) and think that both of you had better loose a few pounds if you are ever going to try this again.
Now at least he's secure and you can use one arm to climb down the tree. Your grateful that your brother is there to move the ladder higher into the tree because you have a ladder phobia and you didn't put it up high enough into the tree when you climbed up (rather climb a tree any day than a ladder).
So now you are both back safely on the ground and wishing you had thought to get your camera to document the resuce of your big, bad cat and trying not to laugh at him while he can hear you.

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