Thursday, January 12, 2012

500 Baskets Book

Now sold out!
500 Baskets is out of print and sellers on Amazon have this book listed for over $100. It's a facinating and inspiring gallery of work.
(No patterns, just finished work.)

SOFTCOVER (all in color)

Embracing a breathtaking range of new techniques, styles, and materials, beautiful basketry offers more options than ever before. And these 500 exquisite artisan pieces will open eyes to the varied and wonderful possibilities. These baskets, made by top creators from around the world - including Ed Rossbach, Michaels Davis, Lillian Elliot, Gyongy Laky, Patti Lechman, and Mary Giles - as well as the best emerging newcomers, range from exquisitely functional to purely decorative, from classical to ultramodern. In addition to traditional twill, rattan, and reed, the artists have incorporated more unusual objects, such as plastic, paper, thread, and metal wire - even seeds, fish scales, and newspaper. Basketmakers, collectors, students, and anyone who loves beautiful items will delight in these masterworks.

This is a gallery photo book, for inspiration and enjoyment only - there are NO weaving instructions or explanations.

420 pages.

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